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Call for interest for Junior Consultants, Independent Office of Evaluation

Call for interest for Junior Consultants, Independent Office of Evaluation

Rome (Italy)

  • Organization: IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • Location: Rome (Italy)
  • Grade: International Consultant – Internationally recruited Contractors Agreement – Consultancy
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Closing Date: 2019-09-06

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Organizational context

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international institution that is financial a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger. It does so by investing in rural people. IFAD finances programmes and projects that increase agricultural productivity and raise rural incomes, and advocates during the local, national and international level for policies that play a role in rural transformation. IFAD’s headquarters is within Rome, Italy, but operates much more than 90 countries.

The Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE) of IFAD promotes accountability and learning through independent evaluations of IFAD’s work. In line with IFAD’s 2011 Evaluation Policy, IOE reports directly towards the IFAD Executive Board.

Beneath the overall strategic, policy and management guidance associated with the Director, IOE, together with day to day supervision of responsible IOE staff (lead evaluation specialist, senior evaluation officer or evaluation officer), the junior consultants will play a role in the conduct of IOE evaluations, including project level evaluations and higher-level evaluations (e.g. country strategy and programme evaluation, evaluation synthesis reports, corporate level evaluations).

The duration associated with assignments may differ from a single to half a year based on the needs.

Specific tasks may include the annotated following:

  • Collect, codify and analyse documentary data and prepare written inputs for the approach paper of evaluations;
  • Prepare desk review notes on specific country context, themes or projects;
  • Contribute to organizing quantitative and qualitative data collection;
  • Support the organization of evaluation missions, and participate, as needed, in evaluation missions and selected field work to help with logistics and coordination, along with the data collection process;
  • Analyze quantitative and data that are qualitative appropriate software packages;
  • Prepare written inputs as may be required, e.g. Sigue leyendo

Infinitives and phrases-help that is infinitive composing your essay

Infinitives and phrases-help that is infinitive composing your essay

An infinitive is another type or sorts of spoken. An infinitive is really a verb that functions as a noun or adjective. Your message to precedes the verb in an infinitive. Avoid placing other terms between to plus the infinitive. Performing this produces an mistake known as a split infinitive. For instance, not to obey is really a split infinitive. You really need to compose never to obey.

lots of people like to sing. ?(infinitive as direct item)

a infinitive expression includes the infinitive, its item, and also the item’s modifiers.

My objective is to create an opera. ?(infinitive expression as predicate nominative)

Infinitives and infinitive expressions can act as a topic, direct item, or even a predicate nominative. Infinitives and infinitive expressions utilize a kind much like gerunds in a phrase diagram.

Participles and Participial Phrases

A participle is another variety of spoken. It really is a as a type of a verb utilized as an adjective to change a noun or even a pronoun.

A dripping faucet can be an annoyance.

a participial expression features a participle as well as its item and modifiers, if any.

the authorities arrested the lady driving the automobile. ?( participle that is present
The blouse donned by Jenna had not been attractive. ?(previous participle)

Participles and participial phrases modify nouns or pronouns when you look at the phrase. In a phrase diagram, they truly are placed directly under the expressed term they modify.

Indirect Items

An object that is indirect the noun or pronoun that tells to who or even for who an action is completed. A sentence must also have a direct object with an indirect item. The indirect item is normally put between your action verb while the object that is direct. If the indirect object is a pronoun, make use of an object pronoun.

Mike offered me personally a classic motorboat.

The indirect item could be changed up to a prepositional expression, which typically is positioned after the object that is direct. The preposition utilized to make this kind of expression is to or for. In a sentence diagram, the indirect item is put underneath the verb. Sigue leyendo